Staff Augmentation

Key People Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation services can help you hire the best candidates in any sectors with any set of skills, from management to operations and IT personals. The simple hiring process can be very tedious and time-consuming other than the fact that it has become 10 times more difficult to find the right person that fits your profile description and workplace. With our services, we can improve the quality quantity of your workforce within a limited period of time.

We help you reduce your hiring time and cut down your training cost consumption, as you no more have to post job openings and create job descriptions go through with the interviewing and hiring process.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  • Pick your experts: Our team is a perfect blend of expertise and skills. So, you can choose from our large pool of experts who specialize in PHP, Open Source programming, Graphic designing, Content Writing & SEO.
  • Direct Control on Project: We at Key People Solutions, allow direct interaction between our clients and dedicated professionals which enables the clients to exercise direct control over their offshore staff. This direct involvement of the clients in the work projects leads to improved work efficiency and timely completion of the projects.
  • Ease of communication: There are no long channels in our communication process. The clients have the priority of directly interacting with their dedicated resources (developers, designers, content writers & search engine marketing specialises) which makes our entire communication process a simple and time-saving exercise.
  • Reporting: The dedicated professionals provide their daily/ weekly work reports and progress to the clients, as required by the client. This daily/weekly submission of the work progress helps improving the efficiency and the quality of the work output.
  • Source Code Authorization: The intellectual copyrights of the work done by the developers are duly transferred to the clients.
  • No Start Up Cost: Hiring dedicated developers require no huge investments in terms of infrastructure set-up, training costs or pay-roll etc.