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Key People Cloud Computing Services

Key People offers expertise to build Cloud-based solutions grounds-up or through migration of existing, on-premises products to Cloud/hybrid solutions. We have extensive experience in developing Cloud services based on leading cloud platforms, including, AWS™, Microsoft Azure, Force.com® and Google® App Engine™. Key People efficiently manages cloud operations to help optimize its utilization and maintain business agility.

Celstream's Reference Architectures address the key requirements of the respective industries by effectively utilizing the AWS Cloud Computing platform. The reference architectures have been derived based on our in-depth domain expertise and proven experience of implementing similar solutions for several customers.

Models for Cloud Computing Services Deployment

  • Public Cloud: This mode deploys cloud-based applications built on the cloud. This provides architecture, relief from managing applications and facilitates scaling up of core infrastructure. It supports pay as you use model where organizations can scale up gradually without huge investments on capital infrastructure. Hence, this is suited to organizations having fluctuations in their computing requirements.
  • On-premises (Private): This is different than a public cloud which supports multiple tenants. Here a cloud is isolated especially for the buyer for high performance or security issues. Despite on-premise deployment not providing all the benefits of cloud computing, organizations still prefer this mode as it provides dedicated resources ensuring data internalization and security.
  • Hybrid: This represents a mix of both- cloud resources and existing resources not located in the cloud. It equips an organization’s infrastructure with access to cloud while connecting cloud based resources to internal system.