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Internet of Things

Key People Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) amplifies the scale and potential for a business to be software driven. The “Software Driven Things” approach is essential for the continuous transformation of new experiences or new business models made possible by IoT.

Key People for IoT includes core technology for data, monetization, and ecosystem integration along with continuous engineering and continuous life cycle management; critical to successful IoT scaling.

As IoT service helps customer connect the core of their business to the edge of the network, gain operational efficiencies and drive the creation of new revenue models, products and services.

We’re helping deliver:

  • Consumer Product IoTization: Transform existing products or design new products through connected functionality and experiences.
  • Industrial IoT driven business models: Create new revenue streams through proprietary IIoT Platforms.
  • Connected operations and factories: Connect assets and get a real-time view of the operations; drive greater predictability and reliability through preventive maintenance; enhance operator productivity through enhanced Key People solutions.
  • Field service operations: Enable and equip field service operations workforce with AR/VR technologies and predictive troubleshooting to improve first-time resolution and shorter resolution times.

Key People develops, provides ideas and insights to business on the right IoT solutions to reap the benefits of Machine-To-Machine/IoT technology. Key People identifies IoT business cases and put into the place of technology to create entirely new business models and revenue streams while reducing costs and boosting efficiency.