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Key People SAP Services

SAP is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue. Based on market capitalization, SAP is the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer. Browse company facts and information below.

Digital Transformation is helping organizations to stay relevant in their industry and drive business growth. Key People is helping such organizations to realize their digital transformation with SAP.

We believe in enhancing valueand bring in modern conceptsto Enterprise IT systems. Our decades of experience, robust expertise and graspoftechnology trends help us to work with our clients to provide best in class services with value!


Key People recognises that SAP systems in companies are mission critical and form the lifeline for crucial business operations and decision making. Talleen’s support services are built around the philosophy that the customer‘s SAP system is available always on demand. The users get reliable and informative support as required. Talleen’s support services are also aligned to proactively anticipate customer requirements so that the system can be intelligently and quickly tailored to meet the dynamic and ever changing business requirements.

SAP Basis

Key People offers SAP Basis Consulting and Support and Infrastructure services to our customers. Our SAP Basis Practice utilizes high quality and cost-effective consulting services. We provide client advisory services during system installations and implementations. The portfolio of Basis services includes project implementations, upgrades, migrations, support and expert consulting for major production system issues.

SAP Hosting:

Our Hosting and Demo Center Services, available over the Internet, is designed to offer you a secure, reliable and compliant hosting of mission-critical SAP applications with the added benefit of using the hosting environment to conduct demos at short notice.